The orders returning to China are back again!
Created date: 2022-01-12

India's new crown cases surged six times this week, with a record growth rate


According to the India times, India is suffering from the impact of the third wave of epidemic. With the spread of COVID-19, COVID-19 has reached a new high level in India. In the week ending September 9, the number of new infections increased six times over the previous week.

It is reported that India reported more than 780000 cases in the week from March 3 to 9, a six fold increase from nearly 130000 cases in the previous week. On the 9th alone, India reported nearly 160000 new cases.

At present, the number of new cases in India ranked fifth among countries in the world on the 7th, and the number of new deaths on the 7th also increased by 54%.

The epidemic situation is grim, and India's police department has also been impacted. According to the data reported by the newspaper on the 10th, the New Delhi police announced that more than 300 police officers tested positive for the new crown. In the past 48 hours, 114 police officers and 18 senior police officers in mahatastra state were also diagnosed, two of whom died of illness.

Guard against the credit risk behind the reverse return of orders


If you only think that the reverse flow of orders will lead to the loss of orders, you may think the problem is simple. In fact, with the transfer of orders, there are dangers and hidden risks. The following credit risks are likely to occur during order transfer.

Cancel the order or ask for substantial profit transfer. The reason is very simple. When there are a large number of suppliers for the buyer to choose, the buyer's position will be improved. Substantial price reduction is the most commonly used trick. If exporters choose to agree, they will lose a lot of profits or even lose money. If you choose not to agree, once the buyer cancels the order or rejects the exported goods, the loss will be even heavier and it is easy to fall into a dilemma.

The last big order blackmail ends the relationship. A large number of claims cases show that there are countless export enterprises that have suffered the last big order loss. When the buyer has found a good home and intends to end the cooperative relationship between the two sides and replace the supplier, despite years of love, many people take the opportunity to extort.

Tangled in the form of trade disputes. Trade disputes cost not only money, but also the time, energy and feelings of both sides. The most common trade disputes are that the buyer withholds the payment for goods, refuses to pay or even counterclaims on the grounds of quality problems. International lawsuits are too expensive, and reconciliation is the best outcome. If reconciliation cannot be reached, it is easy for export enterprises to eat the empty money and goods. Be prepared for danger in times of peace, be prepared for danger. At present, although the production schedule of foreign trade orders is full, export enterprises should still take a long-term view and make early plans for future orders.